Tree Shaping

Tree Shaping (Crown)

Crown shaping can be done to trees in various ways depending on the circumstances. Trees can be shaped into very definite hard lines or they can be fashioned into an umbrella shape to reduce the size of the crown. When a very natural look is desired the crown can be reduced but the shape is maintained as it would grow naturally.

Crown shaping is not the same as tree topping.  The goal of topping a tree is to control the overall size of the tree but it actually causes small chutes to begin to grow from the tree wounds at twice the normal growth rate. Tree topping also weakens the tree making it susceptible to wind and storm damage. We never recommend tree topping because it requires constant maintenance and is very hard on the trees.

Call Samuel’s Tree Service, LLC in Denton TX and we will be glad to come out and help you develop a good course of action to take with shaping your trees. In Denton Texas and the surrounding communities, our tree shaping goals are to give you aesthetically pleasing trees, but trees that are healthy and thriving.

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