Storm Clean Up

Storm Clean Up in Denton & Surrounding Areas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and unfortunately this is also true for Texas weather. North Texas storms can often result in damage to your home and trees. The professionals at Samuel’s Tree Service, LLC are here to help! Assessing and dealing with damage after a storm can be emotionally and financially burdensome. Samuel’s Tree Service offers affordable and dependable expertise to get your property and life back on track after a storm. No job is too big for our Team!

Dead branches, leaves, and even whole trees can be scattered across your property by strong winds and rain. You may not have the skill, tools, or experience to clean up your property or keep your house safe after a storm. Instead, call the professionals at Samuel’s Tree Service.

No need to worry about whether you will be able to remove the branches and debris all over your landscape. Our experienced professionals know how to get your property back to a clean and polished look.

Our cleanup crews are fast, effective, and courteous. We pride ourselves on upfront and honest pricing and free estimates. Whether the storm damage was extensive or minimal, we can help!

The Importance of Hiring Professional Help

Hiring the professionals at Samuel’s Tree Service is convenient, faster, and more effective than tackling a clean up project on your own. Tree cleanup professionals can handle problems you cannot handle on your own with better end results. We can help you minimize the problems and risks associated with tree clean up and removal.

Our team can also assess the state of your trees during the cleanup process. If we identify other trees that might be a liability for your home in the future, our crew can apply corrective tree trimming, which can ensure that your property has healthy, strong, and appealing trees that won’t be a risk to your house or property.

Emergency Situations – Call Us 24/7


Some tree situations cannot wait until a weather situation is completely resolved. We are prepared to respond urgently to tree removal requests along with additional tree care services as needed. Equipped with an abundance of experience in dealing with fallen, damaged, and uprooted trees, we can help no matter the location or damage, even in the middle of the night.  Residents in and around Denton are welcome to call our office at 940-595-3335 to leave a message to request emergency services during non-business hours that will be returned promptly, in most cases within 15 minutes.

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